19 September 2016 at 2 - 5.15pm, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn

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About the event

The seminar addresses the topic of energy from a green economy and especially green financing perspective, discussing the possibilities of a low-carbon energy future on a national and international level.


The former and current Ministers of the Environment, Mrs Keit Pentus-Rosimannus and Mr Marko Pomerants, respectively,  give an overview of the successes of transition that Estonia has experienced over the past 25 years, as well as touch upon the transition challenges it still has to face in the energy sector.


The central part of the seminar concentrates on topics of energy security, energy and progress of climate change and energy-related sustainable development goals in the Estonian context and possibilities of energy efficiency for the future in the Estonian transport and housing sector.


The discussion ends in a panel discussion about practical steps and financing solutions for transition towards low-carbon energy systems. Participants in the panel include, members of the SEI Board Mr Allan Polack (CEO of PFA Pension, Denmark) and Dr Stephen Lintner (Visiting Professor at King’s College, London) as well as the founder of people’s pension fund Tuleva, Mr Tõnu Pekk. The discussion is moderatoed by the SEI Tallinn centre director Lauri Tammiste.


Students from the Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian Academy of Arts join Johan Kuylenstierna for a final round-up discussion about the seminar.


The event was held in English at Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru Väljak 3, Tallinn).


13.30 – 14.00 Welcome coffee, registration
14.00 – 14.10 Welcome note and introduction to the seminar
Mr Lauri Tammiste, Director of SEI Tallinn
Mrs Kerstin Niblaeus, Chair of SEI Board, Former Director General for Environment and Health at EU Council of Ministers
14.10 – 14.45

"Estonia – a successful example of transition"
Mr Marko Pomerants, Minister of the Environment

Mrs Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, former Minister of the Environment and Member of Parliament
Moderated by Lauri Tammiste

14.45 – 15.05 "Challenges of the low-carbon energy system in Estonia" (Click to download presentation)
Mr Lauri Tammiste
15.05 – 15.25 "Future Directions in Energy Planning in Developing Countries" (Click to download presentation)
Dr Charles Heaps, Senior Scientist, SEI US
15.25 – 15.40 Coffee break
15.40 – 16.20

Speed talks (7 min each)
"Rethinking energy security" - CANCELLED
Mr Karl Hallding, leader of SEI's Rethinking Development theme, SEI Stockholm
"Climate and energy related SDGs: Estonian performance" (Click to download presentation)
Dr Kaja Peterson, Senior Expert, SEI Tallinn
"Policies for energy efficient housing 2030 in Estonia" (Click to download presentation)
Ms Kerli Kirsimaa, Junior Expert, SEI Tallinn
"Policies for energy efficient transport 2030 in Estonia" (Click to download presentation)
Ms Mari Jüssi, Senior Expert, SEI Tallinn

Moderated by Ms Helen Saarniit, Marketing and Communication Manager, SEI Tallinn

16.20 – 17.00 Panel discussion: "Low-carbon energy system – new practical steps and financing solutions for transition"
Mr Allan Polack, SEI Board member, CEO of PFA Pension, Denmark,
Dr Stephen Lintner, SEI Board member, Visiting Professor at King's College London
Mr Tõnu Pekk, Founder of  people's pension fund Tuleva
Moderated by Mr Lauri Tammiste
17.00 – 17.15

Closing remarks
Mr Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director of SEI

Mr Joosep Henrik Sild, student at Tallinn University of Technology Tartu College

Ms Anni Kotov, student at the Estonian Academy of Arts

Ms Triin Kangro, doctoral student at Tallinn University of Technology

17.15 - 18.00 Buffet reception