Espoo konventsioon ja Vene Föderatsioon


In the framework of the Environmental Dialogue between the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and the European Commission, DG Environment a Workshop on the Espoo Convention took place on 21 September, 2007 in Moscow.

The project was conducted under service contract signed between the European Commission DG Environment and Ecologic - Institute for International and European Environmental Policy. The study focused on the requirements and experiences of the parties to the UN ECE Convention on the Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) and the opportunities and challenges for the Russian Federation.

Workshop Agenda (due 17 Sept 2007)

List of Invited Participants (due 19 Sept 2007)

List of Participants (due 21 Sept 2007)

Desk Study "The Russian Federation and the Espoo Convention: Current Situation and Future Challenges" (vers5); Executive Summary in Russian


E.A. Polesskyi "EIA legislation of the Russian Federation" (in Russian)

C. Rouam "The importance of crossborder EIAs: an EU standpoint"

Fr. LaCamera "Impact of the Espoo Convention on domestic legislation and practices"

W. Schrage "Implementation of the Espoo Convention", case studies, provisions

H. Liiv "EU Member State Experience in Implementing Espoo Convention, Estonia"

S. Rantakallio "Finland´s experience in implementing and applying the Espoo Convention"

K. Peterson "Experience of implementation of the Espoo Convention in neighbouring countries of the Russian Federation"

L. Bogdan "Public participation in the Nord Stream project" (in Russian)